Ultima Contemporary Music Festival

Oslo Kunstforening

I was invited by Tanja Schlander to help realise
«The Vaginal Phonogram» at Ultima Contemporary Music Festival in Oslo.

In her third performance piece, The Vaginal Phonogram, Schlander inserted a microphone into intimate parts of her body to generate an internal sound portrait.

The sound was run through my Koma Electronic Field Kit FX unit as well as a guitar pedal and a spring reverb. For 15 minutes Tanja would move about so that the microphone could pick up sounds and signals in her body while I processed the incoming singals through my equipment.


In her sound art and performance practice, Danish artist Tanja Schlander often casts herself as her heroine, the character of Pippi Longstocking from Astrid Lindgren’s famous children’s books. She also applies ideas from zone therapy, astrology and the Tarot in her work. This special sequence of three performances was in connection with visual artist Rona Yefman’s exhibition The Strongest Girl in the World, at Oslo Kunstforening running until 06.10.2019.