The record is inspired by Werner Herzogs wonderful documentary "Happy People" following the lives of the people of Bakhta in northern Russia. Their lives which are on the brink of death every single day due to the harsh climate and limited food supply had a profound effect on me and was something I can definitely relate to. The wonderful footage of the Taiga forrest was a particular inspiration and is of course the source for the title of the record.

A majority of the tracks feature my field recordings from nothern Norway, as far as Tromsø and Vannøya. Parts of the recordings were also recorded in Ålesund, my childhood home as well as more recordings from Bergen and various spots in and around Oslo.

I used convultion reverb to the point where I misused it building big soundscapes. I also made use of field recordings, loop machines, a monotron delay as well as Volca Beats drum machine during the recordings process. The record showcases some of my influences - krautrock, new age, field recordings and ambient music as well as house, disco and experimental music.

©2017 Maksimal

Cat #: MAKS006
Release date: April 06th 2017
Mastered by Lawrie at Curved Pressings, London, UK

Limited edition 100 copies, white label
Artist name, logo + side a/b hand-stamped.
Recycled brown sleeve pressed by hand with liquified aerosol paint by Lona Hansen, Oslo, Norway.
Logo design by Lohneranger, Bergen, Norway.