«Boundless vibrations #2»

Bø i Telemark, Norway

«Grenseløse vibrasjoner» is a sound work consisting of a series of field recordings from the period 2015 - 2018. The recordings were made in Vannøya, Århus, Oslo and Ålesund. Some of the sounds are processed, others are unaltered and arranged in their original state. The aim of the work is to test our relationship to sounds and create fictional spaces and expressions by exploring new connections between entities and individuals who are unlikely to feature in a shared environment. 

Hørteannualen was a 10 day outdoor artist workshop with a focus on process and methods at Tangen croft at Evju Bygdetun in Sauherad i Telemark. It opened officially Friday August 10th and was open to audience participation and visits from 11. - 12th of August.

Hørtennualen was funded by Telemark county council, Bø city council and Sauherad council. Curated by Christiane Lieungh.