Ekko festival no. 15

Bergen, Norway

by Laimonas Puisys

by Stacy Brafield

Me and Helene Rickhard were invited to one of my favourite festivals in the world - Ekko festival in Bergen, Norway. The festival is a peculiar one as they bridge the gap between art, performance, concerts and club. All four were on show during the two week long festival featuring amazing artists such as Legowelt, Hieroglyphic Being, Karen Gwyer, Inga Mauer, Visible Cloaks, K-X-P etc. Honoured to say the least to be part of that line-up.

Our project was straightforward - but anything but simple: we were to perform in the main foyer at Østre where Ekko’s festival and concert series as well as Lydgalleriet’s exhibitions take place. All the while competing with all the amazing artists playing in the main room above and a smaller club stage next to the foyer. We had 7 hours at Friday and 8 hours at Saturday. Most of the performance was improvised ambient and drone music with synthesizers, machines, effects and software. Inbetween we would put on some complimentary records to give us a much needed break.

Tired and exhausted from 12 hours of improvised live music, we turned to disco and not-disco records the last three hours and had a mini-party of our own in the foyer. Mission accomplished.