Hildelund Konstfestival
Vestra Varmtland, Sweden

Hildelund Art festival is a meeting place in the Värmländska countryside with contemporary art practices at its core. The aim is to encourage and create conversations where different expressions within art, music and theory act as an entrance to dialogue. The event lasts for three days and is free of charge.

The theme for 2018 was «where all things begin», after a conversation with Mikael Ingemyr, one of last years visitors. He studies astronomy and revealed with plenty of enthusiasm how he sees the Big Bang. Mikael held a lecture during the festival. There were also lectures on the earths impending ending and activities ranging from theatre, dance and performance to sound art, installations, paintings, drawings and sculptures. 

Excerpt from my live performance at Hildelund konstfestival July 21st 2018 in Västra Ärmtvik, Sweden. Performed using Microgranny and Bastl Kastle running through an Boss RC-1 Loop Station through a Zoom MS-70 effects pedal.