ARP 220

Arp 220 appears to be a single, odd-looking galaxy, but is in fact a nearby example of the aftermath of a collision between two spiral galaxies. It is the brightest of the three galactic mergers closest to Earth, about 250 million light-years away in the constellation of Serpens, the Serpent. The collision, which began about 700 million years ago, has sparked a cracking burst of star formation, resulting in about 200 huge star clusters in a packed, dusty region about 5,000 light-years across (about 5 percent of the Milky Way's diameter).
source: Hubble Space Telescope

Inspired by colliding galaxies, black holes and multiverses, I wanted to create huge soundscapes, but avoid the typical cliche of using 80s synths. So I used Native Instruments wind intstruments which were processed and ran through some weird reverb with long decay. Added some of my own field recordings as well.

Released digitally via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.